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Homework Help: Health (Ms. Sue)

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"As Cindy hung up the phone, she thought about Hallie's comments. Cindy didn't understand why Hallie was so adamant about not going to her sister's funeral. Cindy tried to talk Hallie into going to the funeral. She told Hallie that the funeral might be uncomfortable but that she would be happy later if she went. However, Hallie's last words to Cindy were "I love my sister, but I hate funerals. My parents will be so angry with me, but I just can't imagine sitting through a funeral." Cindy sat in silence, thinking. She wanted to help and comfort her friend, but didn't know how."

1. Write a paragraph that describes ways Cindy could help Hallie with her loss.

A: Cindy could help Hallie deal with her loss in many ways. Cindy could insist upon Hallie speaking with a therapist or counselor, or perhaps family counseling. She could also make a bargain with Hallie which would be that if Hallie attended the funeral, then so would Cindy. Furthermore, Cindy could help Hallie with her loss by merely supporting her as a friend?

2. Attending the funeral may help Hallie through the grieving process as it may help her accept the death of her sister?

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