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Please check my answers! thanks! :)

1. A population of oak trees growing in a region in Canada experiences a change in climate to much colder temperatures and much drier conditions than they have had for many decades. What determines how this population will change in the next few years? (1 point)
traits of individuals in the present population
the ability of the present population to change itself***
the importance of this population to the survival of other species
the populationís survival history during the last ten years
2. Two species are linked by a common ancestor. Suppose the lineages of these two species were traced back generation by generation and drawn on a sheet of paper to show how these two species were linked to the common ancestor. What shape would the resulting illustration most resemble? (1 point)
a table
a blanket
a tree
a mountain***
3. What did Lamarckís and Darwinís hypotheses about evolution have in common? (1 point)
Changes taking place in an individual organism can be passed to offspring.**
Species evolve in response to their surroundings.
Individual organisms can change to adapt to changes in the environment.
Only inherited traits can be passed on to offspring.
4. A species of birds that eats only cactus is transported to an island that has a lot of seeds but only a small amount of cactus. What is most likely to happen to the birds? (1 point)
Individual members of the population adapt to the variation of food supply at different rates.**
The bird population grows rapidly because of the new food supply.
The species slowly adapts to the variation in food supply.
The species quickly adapts to the variation in food supply.
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