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Psychology (Ms. Sue)

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Ms. Sue would you please check my answers?

1. To begin to regulate their emotions, children must first start to learn impulse control? True

2. Young children typically have low self esteem since they compare their abilities with their peers? False

3. Guilt is an emotion of self-blame while shame is a reaction to being blamed? True

4. girls are better at regulating their externalizing emotions than are boys? True

5. Children tend to show a preference to play alone or with parents rather than with one another? True

6. Children usually cannot apply gender labels with any consistency until they are 5 or 6 years old? True

7. According to behaviorists, gender role distinctions are the result of nature? False

8. According to cognitive theory, society socializes children in regard to gender differences? True

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    Right -- but I question what age children are meant in number 5.

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