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Pls. tell me if im correct on these following sentences?
1) An author in his memoirs wil ___ about the influence of past relationships. = reminisce
2) It is helpful to have a(n) ______ power source after a hurricane. = auxiliary
3) Proverbs show Solomon's ______ insight into human character. =profound
4) With _____ eyes, the young bride watched her husband sail away to war.
5)The soldier was told to obtain more _____ for his company = munitions
6) Legally, a manager can be considered _____ if he does not protect his employees from a known hazard. = negligent
7) Some harmless- looking mushrooms are ____ because they contain poison. = lethal
8) Humanism exists wherever man quits his _________ on God and places all his confidence in human beings. = reliance
9) At Niagara, we gazed in awe at the ______ fall of water. = perpendicular
10) Rich gifts _________________ poor when givers prove unkind. = wax

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    All are right.

    What about 4?

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    auxiliary: additional helping
    lethal: deadly
    munitions: war materials, such as weapons
    negligent: habitually inattentive, careless, irresponsile
    perpendicular: vertical, precipitous, steep
    profound: intellectually deep
    reliance: trust, confidence, dependence
    wax: grow
    wistful: mournfully longing, yearning

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    Im so sorry Ms. Sue, I was rushing. Four is wistful. Am I right?

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    Right. :-)

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    Thank you Ms. Sue!

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