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Twenty-four ladybirds were sitting at various places around the garden.One sixth of the ladybirds flew away to settle in the garden.Half of the remaining ladybirds sat on a yellow sunflower.Then half of those on the sunflower flew onto a fence post.There were no ladybirds on the hedge,but one fifth of the ladybirds on the sunflower flew onto the lavender bush.If one ladybird was on the grass,how many we're on the tree trunks.

Please help answer this question I am really stuck

  • Maths -

    total: 24
    garden: 1/6 = 4
    remaining: 20
    sunflower: 1/2 of 20 = 10
    remaining: 10
    post: 1/2 of 10 = 5
    left on sunflower: 5
    lavender: 1/5 of 5 = 1
    grass: 1
    remaining: 9

    There are 9 unaccounted for. No idea how many of those were on tree trunks.

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