February 26, 2017

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Posted by karan on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 12:32pm.

Use the Biot Savart law to compute the magnetic field at the center of a metallic ring. the ring has a radius of 10^-6 m and is connected to two infinite wires. the current in the wires is 1 amp. the ring is lying in the [x,y,z= 0 ] plane. the first wire is attached to the ring at x=0 y=10^-6 and z=0 and the current flows in the +y direction. the second wire is attached tp the point x=0 y=-10^-6 m z=0 and current is in the +y direction. compute the magnetic field at the center of the ring [x=0 y=0 z=0]
indicate the value of the magnetic field and direction.

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