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Use the Biot Savart law to compute the magnetic field at the center of a metallic ring. the ring has a radius of 10^-6 m and is connected to two infinite wires. the current in the wires is 1 amp. the ring is lying in the [x,y,z= 0 ] plane. the first wire is attached to the ring at x=0 y=10^-6 and z=0 and the current flows in the +y direction. the second wire is attached tp the point x=0 y=-10^-6 m z=0 and current is in the +y direction. compute the magnetic field at the center of the ring [x=0 y=0 z=0]
indicate the value of the magnetic field and direction.

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    As I visualize the ring, current flows up each side from the bottom to the top. The current in each side of the ring is the same, flowing upward.

    Wouldn't the magnetic field in the ring at the center (ie y axis) exactly from the two sides exactly be in opposite directions, thus, the net magnetic field is zero.

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