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Homework Help: 7th Grade Language- Arts Ms.Sue

Posted by Gabby on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 2:02pm.

Descriptive writing features (1 point)

arguments intended to persuade the reader.
a predominance of facts over opinions.
the use of sensory details.

Which of the following sentences contains sensory details? (1 point)

It rained all day and all night.
The rain tapped on the roof incessantly.
When the rain stopped, we could finally go outside.

To achieve fluency and clarity in writing, it is important to (1 point)

brainstorm as many ideas and images as possible.
use general terms and statements.
use appropriate transitions and consistent verb tenses.

My Answers:

Ok are these correct?
I need to make sure cause if even 1 is wrong I get a 60%.
Ok thx ^.^


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