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Rank in order the following according to their speeds, from fastest (1) to slowest (5): (i) 425-nm-wavelength light through a pane of glass, (ii) 500-nm-wavelength light through air, (iii) 540-nm-wavelength light through water, (iv) 670-nm-wavelength light through a diamond, and (v) 670-nm-wavelength light through a vacuum.

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    The speed depends on the refractive index of the substance n
    1. vacuum: c=3•10⁸ m/s
    2. air n= 1.000293 =>
    v= c/n =3•10⁸ /1.000293 =2.999•10⁸ m/s
    3. water n=1.333
    => v= c/n =3•10⁸ /1.333 =2.25•10⁸ m/s
    4. glass n=1.5
    => v= c/n =3•10⁸ /1.5 =2•10⁸ m/s
    5. diamond n=2.42
    => v= c/n =3•10⁸ /2.42 =1.24•10⁸ m/s

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    the answer is just the actual speeds, no math needed.

    so v, ii, iii, i, iv

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