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Sir Lost-a-Lot dons his armor and bursts out
of the castle on his trusty steed Tripper in
his quest to rescue fair damsels from dragons. Unfortunately his valiant aide Doubtless
lowered the drawbridge too far and finally
stopped it 28

below the horizontal. Losta-Lot screeches to a stop when his and his
steed’s combined mass (1400 kg) is 1.2 mmoreno (lm35839) – Homework 15A – smith – (14122) 4
from the end of the bridge, which is 8.5 m
long with a mass of 1100 kg. The lift cable is
attached to the bridge 3.3 m from the hinge
and to the parapets 17 m above the bridge.
l x
Find the tension in the cable. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s
Answer in units of kN

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