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“In the snow” is repeated three times in “Scott’s Goodbye.” What meaning might the writer have hoped to convey by repeating this phrase?

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    We saw the months of wicked weather,
    As day to painful night did turn,
    Waiting, huddled close together
    For the frozen sun’s return.

    Our nights were almost endless torture.
    Our food was gone. Our fuel was low.
    We came in search of grand adventure
    But ended trembling in the snow.

    Each morning’s effort took us southward,
    Like moths to flames we sought our goal.
    We knew not that far out ahead
    Amundsen had reached the Pole.

    We found his flag one bitter morning
    And knew our hopes had come to woe.
    We had come pursuing glory
    But ended freezing in the snow.

    Hour by hour our strength has left us
    But we’ve struggled on for days.
    With nothing more than will to guide us
    We have tried to reach our base.

    The nights are cruel, the wind is heartless,
    With its ceaseless whip and moan.
    We gave our all; we fought our hardest
    But ended dying in the snow.

    Trembling, freezing, dying "in the snow."

    Isn't the author emphasizing the deadliness and pervasiveness of the snow?

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