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1. What enabled people of northern Italy to sponsor learning? (1 point)Martin Luther's ideas
a mild climate
wealth from trade
help from the Germany government

2. What did German leaders want during the Reformation? (1 point)to increase the pope's power
to collect their own taxes
to enforce the laws of the Roman Catholic Church
to collect taxes for the pope

3. What advancement helped the spread of Luther's ideas? (1 point)humanism
the movable type printing press
the decision to stop paying indulgences

4. What was a main goal of European exploration? (1 point)to find a trade route to Asia
to destroy sea monsters
to protect the world from invasion
to create jobs for sailors

5. Which country explored Africa while developing a route to Asia?
(1 point)Portugal
the Philippines

6. The crew of which explorer was the first to circumnavigate the world? (1 point)Prince Henry the Navigator
Ferdinand Magellan
Christopher Columbus
Vasco da Gama

7. Who is known for strengthening the power of French kings? (1 point)Peter the Great
Cardinal Mazarin
King Ferdinand
Cardinal Richelieu

8. For which of the following is Queen Elizabeth I remembered? (1 point)marrying six times
strengthening England
executing Charles I
leading the Glorious Revolution

9. All of the following were factors in the conquest of the Incas EXCEPT (1 point)an extremely large Spanish army.
European diseases.
the kidnapping of the empire's ruler.
a civil war within the empire.

10. What was one effect of the slave trade on Africa? (1 point)Most Africans grew rich.
African societies suffered.
Africa gained capable workers.
The region grew stronger.

sory! :( ive tryed thousands of sites i cant fined anything! ive bin serching thru my book all day! and since i am in ciber scool i cantask my social studys teecher plus he is o mean i mailed him that the page numbers wer mixed up plezzzzzzzzz plez plez plezplez plzzzzzzzzz help me!

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