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physics what am i doing wrong?

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Three masses are arranged in the (x, y)

3kg (0,0)
7kg (10,0)
6kg (0,3)

What is the magnitude of the resulting
force on the 3 kg mass at the origin? The value of the universal gravitational constant is 6.6726 × 10^−11 N · m^2/kg^2.
Answer in units of N

what ive done
G*(7)*(3)/10^2 = 1.401246*10^-11
G*(3)*(6)/3^2 = 1.33452*10^-10

sqrt((1.401246*10^-11)^2 + (1.33452*10^-10)^2)
= 1.341856376*10^-10

my program tells me im wrong. im getting frustrated. please help?

  • physics what am i doing wrong? -

    I figured it out......i don't understand why no one has helped me yet in the past week

  • physics what am i doing wrong? -

    did you ever figure it out?

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