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1)As a volunteer subject in a sleep research lab, Conrad is routinely awakened each time he shows physiological signs of entering REM sleep. As a result, we would not be surprised to discover that, during Session 19, when Conrad is left undisturbed all night,
A. The content of Conrad's dreams tends to reflect concern with excretive functions.
B. Conrad exhibits more time spent in REM sleep.
C. Conrad exhibits less time spent in REM sleep.
D. The content of Conrad's dreams is significantly more focused on threat or violence.

2) During the ___phase of problem solving, a means-ends analysis is a very common heuristic.

3) Professor Dore maintains that language develops through the interplay of genetically determined factors and environmental influences that shape how language is learned. Professor Dore supports the

A.interaction approach to language development
B.nativist approach to language development
C.learning theory approach to language development
D.linguistic-relativity hypothesis

  • psychology -

    1. B

    2. B

    3. interplay = interaction

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