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Posted by misba on Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 3:00am.

amair started the business with a capital of rs60000 on 1jan 2009 during the year he had with drawn goods rs8000 and cash rs5000for personal use he has also paid life insurance premium rs.2000 he had aiso introduced additional capital of rupees 20000 on 1st july .2009
on 31st december 2009 you have the following information
cash in hand 40000
buildings 60000
credtors 20000
loan from cousin 5000
dabitors 30000
machinery 50000
stock 30000
investment 30000
you are required to find profit or loss after considering rupees 2000 for bad and doubtfull debts deprecialt on machinery 10% and buildings 5% provide interest and capital 10% and also your required

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