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i only find simile not metaphor in here. simile be in 4th stanza but i not understand it. i also not get how it aids to create feeling, or tone.
i guess he only be describing his land. do that be theme?

i not understand most lines in poem

The Lonely Land by A.J.M. Smith

Cedar and jagged fir
uplift sharp barbs
against the gray
and cloud-piled sky;
and in the bay
blown spume and windrift by the wind

and thin, bitter spray
at the whirling sky;
and the pine trees
lean one way.

A wild duck calls
to her mate,
and the ragged
and passionate tones
stagger and fall,
and recover,
and stagger and fall,
on these stones -
are lost
in the lapping of water
on smooth, flat stones.

This is a beauty
of dissonance,
this resonance
of stony strand
this smoky cry
curled over a black pine
like a broken
and wind-battered branch
when the wind
bends the tops of the pines
and curdles the sky
from the north

This is the beauty
of strength
broken by strength
and still strong.

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    Nearly the entire poem is description to support the poet's assertion in the last stanza.

    This is what he's describing:

    Can you see it?

    Can you hear it?

    Can you imagine what battering this tree has taken over its lifetime so far?

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    Note the individual words that have common associations:stagger, fall. note the repetition of vowel sounds within the lines to strengthen the mood.note how short the lines and words are, to mimic the nature of the scenery--harsh, barren, ie., tough.

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