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Prove the identit: cosxcotx+sinx=cscx

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    1) rewrite cosx (cosx/sinx) + sinx = csc x

    2) cosx^2/sinx + sinx = csc x

    3) multiply sinx by (sinx/sinx) to get same denominator

    this gives you cosx^2/sinx + sinx^2/sinx = cscx

    4) combine your fractions

    (cosx^2 + sinx^2)/sinx = cscx

    5) rewrite numerator

    1/sinx= csc x

    and there you go it is proven (you have to know your trig identity to do this so look them up if you don't know them)

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    Thank You! :D

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    no problem lol this one almost had me stump for alittle

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    Ohh it was hard me :/ .Do you think you can answer my other questions?

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