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Homework Help: trig-math

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4. A carpenter wants to be sure that the corner of a building is square and measures 6.0 ft and 8.0 ft along
the sides. How long should the diagonal be?
A. 12 ft
B. 10 ft
C. 11 ft
D. 14 ft

5. A wheel 5.00 ft in diameter rolls up a 15.0 incline. How far above the base of the incline is the top of
the wheel after the wheel has completed one revolution?
A. 4.07 ft
B. 13.1 ft
C. 8.13 ft
D. 9.07 ft

7. A surveyor must divert her path from point C by proceeding due south for 300 ft to point A. The
surveyor determines that point B, which is due east of point C, is N49E from point A. What is the distance
from point C to point B?
A. 350 ft
B. 375 ft
C. 360 ft
D. 370 ft

8. Which of the following pairs of angles are coterminal?
A. 25 and 25
B. 100 and 620
C. 30 and 60
D. 390 and 750

9. A 6.00-foot person is casting a shadow of 4.20 feet. What time of the morning is it if the sun rose at
6:15 AM and will be directly overhead at 12:15 PM?
A. 8:35 AM
B. 9:40 AM
C. 8:58 AM
D. 9:55 AM

10. Find the numerical measure of the largest angle of a triangle whose angle measures are 6x 10, 3x +
30, and 2(45 x).
A. 60
B. 70
C. 50
D. 10

11. A stairway must be built to a deck that is 20 feet above ground level. To the nearest half foot, how far
from the base of the deck, on ground level, should the beginning of the stairway be placed so that the
stairway forms a 60 angle from the ground?
A. 12 ft
B. 11 ft
C. 35 ft
D. 11.5 ft

13. If a tree casts a shadow of 12 feet at the same time that a 6-foot person casts a shadow of 2 feet,
what is the length of the tree to the nearest foot?
A. 24 ft
B. 5 ft
C. 29 ft
D. 22 ft

16. How many degrees does Earth turn during an eight-hour school day? (Assume that Earth makes one
revolution every 24 hours.)
A. 120
B. 8
C. 3
D. 90

17. In a right triangle with the right angle, b = 86.5 and c = 125.8. What is ?
A. 43.2
B. 46.4
C. 46.6
D. 43.4

18. Find the height of the Barrington Space Needle if the angle measured from the ground 1000 ft
(measured to the nearest foot) from the point on the ground directly below the top of the needle is 58.15.
A. 1,610 ft
B. 621.2 ft
C. 1,895 ft
D. 527.7 ft

20. When viewing Angel Falls (the world's highest waterfall) from Observation Platform A, located on the
same level as the bottom of the waterfall, we calculate the angle of elevation to the top of the waterfall to
be 69.30. From Observation Platform B, which is located on the same level exactly 1000 feet from the
first observation point, we calculate the angle of elevation to the top of the waterfall to be 52.90. How
high is the waterfall?
A. 2,643 ft
B. 998.5 ft
C. 2,646 ft
D. 1,322 ft

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