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I have an education project in which I have to explain my philosophies as a future educator, ex. why/how/who/what/where I will teach, who I will teach, and also use outside sources such as quotes to tie in with my ideas...
I know I can do the project on my own because it is asking for MY future ideas,...but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be citing. I need a different quote for each area. Does anyone have ideas of where I can find articles, or famous sayings, or anything of the sort?
Thanks a lot!

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    Here's a good place to start:

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    Here are three ideas that have stuck with me for years:

    a) To teach, you must love your students, and love your subject.

    b) All of us learn by repetition, spaced over time.

    c) No child chooses their parents, his race, his religion, his family income, nor his physical and mental capabilities.

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    I was actually looking for professional education quotations, not sure where to find some...

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    Think of some names of prominent educators in different fields. For example, here are two who have been (still are!) prominent in the field of teaching ESL and bilingual subjects:

    Stephen Krashen
    Maria Montano Harmon

    Then go and google them and find things they've written.

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    That should help, thank you!

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    actually, I think I am a "professional education" expert. If you don't think of yourself as one, you are in trouble.

    Actually, I cheated you on one of those. Here it is in full:

    Know your students, love your students;
    Know your subject, love your subject.

    Those are the 4 quadrants of effective teaching.

    Actually, I was looking for a professional student....

    Nice hearing from you again. Sister hardly ever drops in.


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    Thank you :) I guess she's trying to start working on her own!

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