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Could you please check these other sentences? They are the last on the same topics. Thank you.

1)You can't get around it: you must tell him the truth.
2) You can't get out of it: you must tell him the truth.
My dad took a day off to take me to the sea (Or to the seaside?)
3) Mary's career started taking off (or took off??) when she began working for Fiat.
4) Do you mind if I turn up the radio's volume?
5) The teacher took off two marks/took two marks (points?) off for each grammar error.
6) He didn't let on the secret/let the secret on.
7) They took off 20% from the list price.
They took 20% off the list price.
The child is bringing up food: the child is throwing up (same meaning?)

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    1. OK

    2. OK
    I'd say "to the beach."

    3. Either phrasing is fine.

    4. OK

    5. OK

    6. He didn't let the secret out.
    He didn't let on that he knew the secret.

    7. All OK, yes.

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