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Posted by Henry2 on Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 8:40am.

Thank you very much. Here is a paragraph I need to change again plus a part on evaluation.

1)The participating pupils will take turns informing pupils of all classes of students, whether in the project or not, about the activities of the project, as well as their results. Intermediate reports will be given during meetings with both teachers and parents.
2) Both the linguistic and scientific work of the project will be part of the preparation needed for their last school year, in which pupils, in compliance with the school reform, are required to study a subject in English.
3) They will also use the material gathered for their project as a topic for the interdisciplinary paper they are required to write and illustrate during their exit exam.

Within the framework of this application, each school is free to organize
the events and carry out the tasks at will. Communication will take place on
the e-twinning platform and via Skype (monthly, with documentation). Before
the meetings an agenda containing question and todos will be established and sent.
5) Intermediate reports and updates will make sure that everyone is
constantly informed about the progress and emerging problems. Evaluation and
monitoring outputs will be analyzed and published in the reports.
6) The coordinating team will make sure that pupils will be involved as much as
possible in the organization and evaluation of the project activities. The extent of participation will solely be determined by the students'
7) Concrete activities:
- decision of what will be their research activity
- participation in establishing the meeting agenda
- participation in the organization of the meeting
- proposals and decisions concerning the social program
- participation in the elaboration of evaluation instruments

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