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1. Which of the following statements concerning dipole-dipole attractions is correct?

a) Dipole-dipole attraction is a weaker force than covalent bonds, being about 50% as strong.
b) Dipole-dipole attractions increase as the distance between the dipoles increase.
c) Dipole-dipole attractions are weak due in part to the fact that the charges associated with dipoles are only partial, rather than full charges.
d) All the above statements are correct.
e) None of the above statements are correct.

I think that statements A and C are correct but I am not sure about B.

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    I agree c. I don't know about. If you look at the site I gave you about strengths of IM forces, the covalent bond is about 400 kcal while the dipole-dipole is about 12-16 and that isn't close to 50%. It is true that they are weaker but they are weaker by a margin greater than 50%.

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    So choice b is not correct either?

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    No, greater distance is weaker bond.

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