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Homework Help: English 7 Essay: Rosa Parks (Ms. Sue)

Posted by Laruen on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 5:51pm.

Ms. Sue can you check my essay is it good. Btw we did the conclusion today at class (last paragraph). I did the mistakes I made yesterday (that you told me to change).

Rosa Parks
A person's characteristics are shaped by the setting and beliefs of society during a specific time period affects on individuals actions and lifestyle. Rose Parks, a former civil rights leader, was influence by the time period which she live. Rosa Parks helped millions of people in the time period which she lived.
Rosa Parks wanted all people to be treated equally and justly and not be discriminated against. African American people were treated unfairly. The law states that black people and white people should remain separate. Before the civil rights movement, African American in the south couldn't go to the same schools as whites. They couldn't go to any parks or swimming pools as the whites. In the city buses of Montgomery the black people have to sit at the back of the bus and the whites sit in the front of the bus. But the blacks have to give up their seats if the white person wanted to sit down,
Rosa Parks wanted black people to be free and have a better education. Most blacks couldn't go to the same schools as whites, they went to segregated schools. Most blacks couldn't eat in most restaurants with the whites. Most of the time, they were insulted by whites and beat. The blacks couldn't get many jobs that whites held. In addition, they were not welcomed in most white churches.
Rosa Parks became a civil rights leader. Rosa Parks hates the segregation laws, and has been fighting for civil rights at the NAACP for more than 10 years, until breaking the law. On December 1, 1955 in the city buses of Montgomery, after Rosa Parks sit in the front of the bus where the white people seat. Rosa took a seat with a man who was next to the window. They were not disturbed until they reached the third stop after she boarded the bus. At this point a few white people boarded the bus, and one white man was left standing. When the driver noticed him standing, he told Rosa and the other black people (the man and two women across the aisle) to let the man have the seat. The other three all stood up the second time after he barked at them. When everyone moved except Rosa. The driver saw Rosa still sitting there after they moved. He said to give up her seat and she said, "No, I will not." Then he said that she has to arrest her, Rosa didn't care. Rosa was tired after a long day of work as a seamstress for a Montgomery, Alabama, department store and tired of the segregation laws. When the police came they send her to jail for breaking the law.
A time period which a person lived affect them. Rosa Parks, a former civil rights leader, had broken one of the segregation laws. Rosa Parks is a great civil rights leader, she keeps trying and never gave up that’s what I like about her hard work. A setting does affects a person, but sometimes a person changes society.

Is it good????

Thank You!!!!

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