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Write an essay about all of the information of Watergate. Write it in from the point of view of a reporter trying to solve the mystery (break the story) and reporting the story after the fact. Your essay should be at least 200 words. Be creative, make up a name of the newspaper you work for and even a pen name for yourself. You should also try to include names like Bob Woodward, John Dean, H.R. Haldeman, Archibald Cox, Leon Jaworski, and Daniel Ellsberg. Include their roles as characters in Watergate.

My answer:
CityVille Newspaper

The Watergate complex has been broken into! Who had committed this crime? Up until not to long ago there was no lead and the case was just blown off as a minor happening to everyone (especially the media) . Thanks to the security guard at Watergate for finding some evidence (discovered a piece of tape on the lock of the door that led to the National Democratic Headquarters), and us reporters (Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward and I) We now have you news! The suspect is being tried! President Nixon is our suspect in this crime along with his whole administration. It is being said that Nixon was involved in the hole plan right from the beginning. There had been an investigation going on for the case against Nixon and sixty-nine of his government officials but now they are on trial and deliberating ! I know all of this news is being brought to your attention at quite a shock, but the judge and the supreme court have just came to a decision. Forty eight of the government officials have been found guilty in this scandal and have been charged with different charges and to different degrees. President Nixon, has not been charged , but has now announced he is resigning his position as the United States President.
From your favorite reporter-
Maddie Mystics

P.S I really am not that educated on the watergate scandal but I would like your opinion on if this essay looks good. Thank you

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    200 words is pretty lean to include all information.

    The Daniel Ellsberg connection is interesting (the Plumbers to stop leaks), then the plumbers started doing other things, like trying to stop the Democrats (and other enemies). Frankly, I would aim for much more meat in this great story.

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