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overview of teaching techniques

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8. Which one of the following guidelines should be followed when giving directions to students?
A. Don’t allow students to choose the activity—make all decisions yourself.
B. Require students to find their own background information and necessary materials.
C. Permit questions about the assignment.
D. Write the assignment on the board, and don’t allow questions.

11. Which of the following classroom arrangements works best for individual study?

A. Traditional arrangement
B. Horseshoe arrangement
C. Modular arrangement
D. Y-shaped arrangement

12. In order to facilitate a good class discussion, which of the following advice should you follow?

A. Be sure to express your own opinions.
B. Stick with the topic, even if students are beginning to repeat themselves.
C. Use the students’ own ideas to further the discussion.
D. If the students don’t respond, start talking yourself.

Could you please help me

my answers are 8) C
11) A
12) c

  • overview of teaching techniques -

    I agree with you.

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