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Calculate the standard cell voltage, Eo, for the following reactions. Include the sign of the voltage in your answers.
(a) Fe2+(aq) + Pb(s) --> Pb2+(aq) + Fe(s)

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    Look up the half cell voltage for Fe^2+ + 2e == Fe and add it to the half cell voltage for Pb ==>Pb^2+ + 2e.

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    does charle's law depend on the identity of the gas

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    does charles law depend on the identity of the gas

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    If you wish to post a new question, go to the top of the page, click on post a new question and do so. Questions piggy-backed onto another post USUALLY get ignored. In this case I came back to look. No, Charles' Law does not depend upon the gas (as long as we are talking about ideal gas behavior). Few gases are ideal.

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