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physics ( help)

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Hypothetically, if you were standing on the balcony of an apartment on the 10th level of building and you throw a ball at 30° above the horizontal away from the building at 4.5m/s, how far from the building would the ball land?. The height from which the ball is thrown is approximately 30m.

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    Hypothetically, do you ignore wind and air resistance?

    Initial vertical velocity: 4.5sin30

    go to the height equation:
    hf=hi+InitialVelocityvertical*t-1/2 g t^2
    hf=-30, hi=0 solve for time in air, t.

    distance equation
    horizonaldistance= 4.5cos30*timeinair
    Hypothetically, with no air friction or force.

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    First of all your initial vertical velocity is not 4.5 m/s.
    it is Viy= 4.5 * sin(30)
    and your horizontal = 4.5 * cos(30)

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