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Is the below paragraph and evaluation?

Hockenbury and Hockenbury present important information and
raise some interesting questions about how daily hassles affect our
lives. In a few paragraphs, they present a great deal of information on
the subject of daily hassles — what they are, who developed the scale
of daily hassles, how men and women differ in their reactions to daily
hassles, and how the stress of daily hassles negatively affects people.
They provide numerous credible references to support their points.
Other sources — such as Gramling and Auerbach’s entry in Encarta,
the Web site Diabetes at Work, and a gender-based poll I conducted —
provide more details about some aspects of daily hassles and raise
questions about the extent to which women and men are differently
affected by them. However, the Hockenburys present a good overview
of the subject in a short piece of writing. I think the authors do a great
job of pulling together good information for students.

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    This is mostly summary, with just a little eensy-tiny bit of evaluation, but it's pretty thin. (the last two sentences)

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