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Posted by Danielle on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 8:48pm.

Urgent! Can someone please look these over? The sentences are very vague (welcome to online schooling, I guess). Some of them are questionable. Please help! Need to write whether the sentence is a "POINT" or "TOPIC" sentence.

Point Sentence-Announces the topic of a paragraph and states the point you want to make.

Topic Sentence-The sentence in a paragraph that tells your readers what the paragraph is about.

26. We analyzed the data for the three-year period starting in August of 1994.-Topic

27. A review of accounting practices showed several irregularities; we can easily correct these by better training our accounts payable staff.-Point

28. We can improve the efficiency of our payroll system by upgrading our software to include check-cutting capability.-Point

29. Fourteen nurses were on call during the weekend when the outbreak occurred.-Topic

30. Our case flow issues stem, in part, from inefficient medical transcription and billing.-Topic

31. Although itís easy to blame problems on the coding staff, many of the problems start with poorly designed medical forms that medical staff use improperly.-Point

32. The earliest documented occurrence of employee theft was September 12, 2002.-Topic

33. Inventory irregularities jump during the 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. shift.-Topic

34. In most retail companies, stock clerks on average have less than one year of postsecondary education.-Topic

35. The company that has our cafeteria contract requires its food-service employees to receive regular training in health and safety standards for food handling.-Point

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