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Credit Card - Situations

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Hayden needs some equipment for the apartment he is renting while attending college. He finds some things on sale at a reasonable value, and he opens a charge account with the retailer.

I don’t understand this one, since the items are on sale, couldn’t Hayden just use his money..???

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    What money?

  • Credit Card - Situations -

    He could -- and it may be the wiser decision.

    Still -- many retailers offer a discount the first time you use a new credit card.

    I got a $20 item for nothing when I opened an account at Sears. I think the clerk made a mistake and I should have paid $10. I also never activated the card. <g>

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    His cash that he probably has with himself somewhere...

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    How do you know he has cash?

    Most college students, especially those renting apartments near campus, have almost no cash lying around.

    Also, the situation didn't indicate he has cash lying around!

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    Woah, that must have been a really bad situation Ms. Sue, that's a rip-off. So it would "be" the wiser decision to use the credit card?

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    In this case, yes. But remember, she doesn't have to validate the card or continue using it.

    Writeacher has the right idea. The student may not have the money now, but will be able to pay off the debt for these necessary items within a couple of months.

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