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A woman on the top of a 448 foot high building spots a small plane. As she views the plane, its angle of elevation is 62 degrees. At the same instant a man at the ground-level entrance to the entrance to the building sees the plane and notes that its an angle of elevation is 65 degrees. How far id the woman from the plane? How far is the man from the plane? How high is the plane?

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    Chloe, the tutors are not here to do YOUR homework.

    You have to try to solve these yourself.

    Post your work for each problem and someone will help if you are stuck.

    It helps if you draw a picture.

    The problems I've done for you today all involve right triangles.

    So read each problem and try to make a right triangle out of the info given.

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  • Pre-Calculus-Trig -

    A. 3617.6
    B. 4018.7
    C. 3642.12

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