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a salesperson who must decide between two monthly income options:
Option A: Salary of $1642 per month, plus 8% of monthly sales
or Option B: Salary of $1900 per month, plus 6.5% of monthly sales

For what amount of monthly sales is Option A the better choice for Mike than Option B?

Let x = monthly sales. Write an appropriate inequality involving x and solve it algebraically. Write a sentence to carefully state the answer to the question. The sentence should have the form “Option A is the better choice if the monthly sales are more than _____.”

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    Easiest way to solve it is to begin by writing an equation where they are equal. So...

    1642 + .08x = 1900 + .065x

    Now, here's the thing. We're not looking to see what is equal. We are lookung to see when the first option is GREATER than the 2nd option. So we can say greater than (>) rather than equals (=).

    1648 + .08x > 1900 + .065x

    Do you understand:
    1) How I got that?
    2) How to solve it from there?

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    Not sure why that posted twice. Oh well. :-)

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    Thanks, I was on the right track

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