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Homework Help: Algebra

Posted by TiffanyM on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 4:34pm.

Algebra Help? Union & Intersection of Sets, Complement and Cross Product, Relations &Functions,Venn Diagram?
I did a survey on which type of pie they like I already drew the vinn diagram but cant Jiskha does not accept that format.
this is what I got
Step 1
which pie would you like? Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie
like pumpkin pie-A sweet potato-B like both like neither Z
-Tiffany -Candice -Joe -Kyle
-Jennifer -Destiny -Samantha -Christina
-Daniel -Wayne -Josh
- Barbara

Step 2 make a diagrm (done)

Step 3
5. Find A union B. - {Barbara,Candice,Daniel,Destiny,Jennifer…
6. Find A intersection B.-{Joe,Samantha,Josh}
7. Find A′ and B′-A'{Candice,Destiny,Wayne} B'{Tiffany,Jennifer,Daniel,Barbara}
8. Which word would you use to describe the value of v in the Venn diagram: subset, union, intersection, complement, or cross multiplication product? Explain your answer in complete sentences.
I wrote but if its wrong please correct
The intersection. I say it is the intersection because it has nothing to do with the set A or set B and I know its not subset or union.

Step 4: Your Newscast
Extra, Extra … Hear all about it!
Now it’s time to report your findings!
You will share your discoveries with the world tonight on ALG 1 nightly news. Get creative and put together a news story for your instructor based on your survey results and Venn diagram.
For your newscast, you may write: a script, prompt as they might appear in a teleprompter, or a paragraph

I don't understand this please help

Step 5: Your Reflection
Write a paragraph, of 3 or more sentences, as you reflect on this activity and your final product. You may use specific questions to guide your thoughts, if needed.
What to submit to your instructor:
You will submit the following to your instructor as assessment "Venn Diagram and Sets Unit Activity."
Your survey question, choices, and collected data
The Venn diagram with labels for #1 - 4
Answers to #5 – 8
Your newscast
Your reflection
Venn Diagram and Sets Unit Activity
Please review the grading rubric.
1. Read through each section.
2. Complete and submit assessment "Venn Diagram and Sets Unit Activity" in the portfolio.

And I am stuck on this also.
Please help me figure step 4 and 5 out I am so stuck. I am in Algebra 1 working on Unit 3: Union and Intersection of Sets, Complement and Cross Product,Relations and Functions, Venn Diagrams and Sets Unit Activity. I have an 87 B in this class and this unit I have nothing under an A I completely understand units, sets, vin diagrams, relation and functions. I just cant finish this activity alone.

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