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5th grade word problem

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jen,paula, and sarah spent the weekend decorating a neighbors house. They earned $500.00 between them. When it came to dividing the money, paula had worked three times harder than jen and sarah had worked twice as hard as paula. If the money was divided fairly and according to how hard each person worked, how much money did they each receive. Need an answer as soon as possible

  • 5th grade word problem - ,

    jen 50.00
    paula 150.00
    sarah 300.00

  • 5th grade word problem - ,

    P = 3J
    S = 2P

    S + J + P = 500

    2P + P/3 + P = 500

    10/3 P = 500

    P = 150

    You are right.

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    if $50 is what Jen gets then $50 times 3=$150 is what Paula gets and $150 times 2=$300is what Sarah gets also $50+$150=$200 and $500-$200=$300 left

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