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could someone check these answer please?
solve the following proportion for x.
rueben drove 300 miles using 14 gallons of gas, at this rate, how many gallons would he need to drive 210?= 40.3 gallons
solve for v; v^2+v-30=0=v=-6,5

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    first one:
    x/8 = 5/3
    3x = 40
    x = 40/3

    Your second answer should have appeared illogical to you.
    If he uses 14 gal to go 300 miles, how could he use about 3 times that much to go only 210 miles

    300/14 = 210/x
    300x = 14x210
    x = 14x210/300 = 9.8 gallons

    third is correct

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    Thanks again Reiny!!

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