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Living Healthy

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1.What changes are you going to make in your day-to-day living that will improve your health and well-being? If you feel that your lifestyle is healthy, comment on the things that you are going to continue doing.

2.Suggest two things that you are going to do to maintain your personal safety. Think about this as a pledge to yourself.

1. Changes that I am going to make in my day-to-day living which will improve my health and well-being is that I will start to excerise more than usual, and I will also start making up my own stretch routines that I will do for about 8 minutes each day. Moreover, I will start eating green vegetables which are very healthy and start lowering my sugar level. Likewise I will reduce the stess and anxiety in my life.

2. Two things that I am going to do to maintain my personal safety is that I will not let my ego speak, and will learn to stay calm. The other thing which I will do to maintain my personal safety is that I will stay away from dangers that will cause biff effects on my health. Some examples of such dangers are: drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc.

Could you please check my grammar and edit it, thanks. Also for number 2 have I used the correct effect? Or should it be affect? Is start lowering my sugar level a sentence that makes sense?

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    It all looks good -- but what is "biff?" You used "effects" correctly.

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