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Two trucks, 300 km apart, are on a head-on collision course with one another. The first truck is moving
at 100 m/s and the other is moving at 50 m/s in the opposite direction. A confused (but swift) fly starts
from the front bumper of the faster truck and flies at 200 m/s toward the slower truck. The moment it
gets to the bumper of the slower truck, it instantly reverses its direction, flies to the fast truck’s bumper
and instantly turns around again. This repeats again and again until the trucks finally collide. If the fly’s
speed is 200 m/s, what is the total distance the fly will travel?

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    distancefly=velocityfly*timeto collision

    the time to collision is 300km/150m/s=you do it.

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    A much better question: which way does the fly face at the end?

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