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Physics 30

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A particle accelerated by a potential difference enters a velocity selector. The particle travels staright when the magnetic field is 0.400 T and the electric field is 6.30 x 10^5 V/m. Once the electric field is turned off, a sensor determines that the radius or the particle's path is 4.11 cm.

What is the charge to mass ratio of this particle?

This is what i understand..

1) first find the velocity
using formula v =E/B

2) then use q/m = v / B x r

am I right??

  • Physics 30 - ,

    q V B = m V^2/r, so

    q/m = V/(B*r)

    Yes to both questions

  • Physics 30 - ,

    thank you =)

  • Physics 30 - ,

    Is this particle an electron, proton, alpha particle or non of the above.

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