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CH4(g) + CO2(g) <--> 2CO(g) + 2H2(g)
Kp = 4.5 x 10^2 at 825 K

An 85.0 L reaction container initially contains 22.3 kg of CH4 and 55.4 kg of CO2 at 825 K.

Assuming ideal gas behavior, calculate the mass of H2 present in the reaction mixture at equilibrium.

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    What is the percent yield of the reaction under these conditions?

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    Convert 22.3 kg CH4 to moles.
    Convert 55.4 kg CO2 to moles.
    Using PV = nRT convert moles of both CH4 and CO2 to pressure in the 85 L container. Then set up an ICE chart, substitute into the Kp expression, and solve.
    After you know x (if that's what you call the unknown), that will be partial presure CO and H2. Use PV = nRT to calculate n and go from there.
    percent yield = (mass H2/theoretical yield)*100

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