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"if u could do this physics problem thatd be super.

A coach is hitting pop flies to the outfielders. If the baseball (m = 145 g) stays in contact with the bat for 0.04 s and leaves the bat with a speed of 50 m/s, what is the average force acting on the ball?"

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    Write down all the given then this problem might not be hard.

    m of ball = 145 kg
    t = 0.04 s
    v = 50 m/s

    Force(avg) = mass*acceleration(avg)

    Also, acceleration(avg) = (delta)velocity/(delta)time, where delta represents change.

    Now, solve for these variables:

    acceleration(avg) = (50-0)/(.04-0) = 1250 m/s^2. Now calculate avg force:

    Force(avg) = (.0145)(1250) = 18.125 N

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