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BIO 100

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Provide at least two ways the use of this biotechnology could benefit socity and two ways this biotechnology could be harmful.

My topic is agricultural and environmental uses.

I have tried to look for answer but can't find the answers to this question. Please help me understand it okay.

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    Did you carefully read this site?

  • BIO 100 -

    Ms. Sue,
    I see that there are three examples of Biotechnology and the disadvantages of using genetic modification in agriculture. So are these what I need for this assignment?

  • BIO 100 -


    You also need the ways that biotechnology is helpful.

  • BIO 100 -

    Agricutural helps farmes and the city inself, it also provide the human been with the nutrients that we need. if the biotechnology take over alot of the nutrienting in natural fruit and vegetable would become artificial. therefore we could be push through hard health issues because of the fake nutricient that we' will consume. other is that if the biotechonoly take over our famers will loosee money becuase we could do our own artificial fruit and veggies.

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