March 28, 2017

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Hi, I am writing a persuausive essay and other than trying to persuade the reader on my topic, I have to have at least 3 arugments against it, which I can defend...My topic is that children that have been raised with music in their daily lives do better in their future years of education.
I can't find any sites that I can get information that has arguments saying that music doesn't help a child's education and learning.
Can You please help me find a site or any ideas why someone would argue my topic, please?

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    I think your topic is going to be difficult to support. How do you define "daily lives?" How are you going to prove that? Also, "do better in their future years of education" is nebulous and needs strict defining. Is it high school grades? Learning to read? Education past high school?

    These sites may help you.






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    Yeah I agree. I have used all these websites and more but still can't seem to find enough information. I was hoping to have it in some way connected with music...
    I am trying to change my topic, but on something interesting to write about. Not too common or vague.

    Thanks for helping but do you know any topics that I could try that have more support? Thank you!

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    I doubt you'll ever find information that says music doesn't help kids!!

    You might try the topic of school uniforms -- lots of pros and cons in that one.

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    I strongly believe that music teaches children a number of valuable things: discipline for one, appreciation of various forms of art, to listen carefully, to hear nuances, rhythm. This is the reason that from an early age in schools, music and dance are part of the curriculum ( or at least were). Of course my opinion is based on the fact that I was listening to classical music before I could walk<G> and my three sons were too. <G>

    Here is an interesting article"

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    The purpose of a persuasive essay is not to prove anything. That might be where you're going wrong. Very few qualitative topics can be proven. The objective of your essay is to "persuade" readers towards your line of thinking. You provide a persuasive argument for your topic. Also, try to simply your topic. A persuasive essay should be no more than 3-5 pages even at the college level. After that length you lose your readers' interest and they often forget what you were trying to say. Just some thoughts.

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