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Posted by robert on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 8:28pm.

part a identify participle or participle phrase and the word it modifies
1)Taken for granted by most of us, paper is an esseantial part of our lives
2)The papeer used today has developed over many centuries
3)Ancient Egyptians wrote on a sheet formed from stalks of a reed
4)The reed, called papyrus, grew along the Nile River
participle:called papyrus, modfies:reed
5)Cut down, the reed stalkswere sliced into thin strips
participle:reed stalks, modifies:papyrus strips
6)can you imagine the laborers working in the hot sun
7)the papyrus stripa, laid in crisscross layers, were pressed together into fairly smooth sheets
part.:laid in crisscross layers
modifies:papyrus strips
8)Modern paper, however, started with a chines inventor serving emperos he di
9)The inventor's was Cail Lun, also spelled Ts'ai Lun.
10)Arabs fighting near chinas borders captured chinese papermakers and brought their art to the west

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