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Posted by John Anderson on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 1:39am.

Hi, so I just need some help with A Christmas Carol Comprehension. Sorry for the amount of questions, but I just copy and pasted the whole thing. I need help because I was absent from school for a while, but my teacher still won't let me have more time on this. Thanks

1. List three things in the first part that prove the setting of the story is Victorian England.

2. List each character in the story and their relationship with Scrooge.

3. Explain how Scrooge's lifestyle is inconsistent with his wealth.

4. Who is Marley? What is Marley's relationship to Scrooge?

5. What is Marley's purpose in the story?

6. List several ways that Marley and Scrooge are alike. List several ways in which Marley and Scrooge are different.

7. Using complete sentences, carefully describe the appearances of each spirit.

8. How does Scrooge change during his visit from the Spirit of Christmas Present from his when he first appears in the story to when he leaves?

9. The spirit of Christmas present and Scrooge visit Bob Cratchit's home. Using complete sentences and specific details, describe the home, the children, and the dinner.

10. Why is the spirit of Christmas present a stranger to Scrooge?

11. Bob Cratchit offers a Christmas toast in Scrooge's honor. Mrs. Cratchit's feelings about Scrooge are different from her husband's. What would cause this difference in their feelings?

12. Using complete sentences, explain the lesson that Scrooge learns from each Spirit.

13. Which spirit was the most frightening to Scrooge? Why?

14. Which spirit had the greatest effect on Scrooge? Why?

15. Scrooge says, "I am not the man I was." Why does he mean? What causes the change?

16. Explain why the visions of the future would convince Scrooge to alter his life.

17. At the end of his visits from all three spirits, Scrooge promises to honor Christmas all year. How does Scrooge see this promise as a way to alter his present life?

18. List several changes that took place in Scrooge by the end of the story.

19. How does Scrooge show he is sincere about his promise to keep Christmas all year?

Thanks again

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