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how can i write these equations in standard form with integer coefficients?
so #1 is: y=1/2x-3/5
and also #2: y=-8/3x+4/9

I know the formula is Ax+By=C..
but I just don't get these two..
plz explain & thanks!

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    These require two steps.
    1. clear the fractions by multiplying by the LCD
    2. rearrange, so the x and y terms are on one side and the constant on the other, leading with a positive coefficient for x

    1. multiply by 10
    10y = 5x - 6

    2. 6 = 5x - 10y or 5x - 10y = 6

    Now you try the second in the same way.

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    so would number 2 be:
    24x+9y=4 OR 4=24x+9y

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    Watch your signs
    After you multiply by 9 you get
    9y = 24x + 4
    then 24x - 9y = -4 or -4 = 24x - 9y

    the last two equations are the same thing.
    (if A=B then B=A)

    in the the general form, the x and y terms are "usually" on the left side of the equation, so 24x - 9y = -4 would be preferred.

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