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Is this f'(x) or partial derivative?

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Find d VC/ d y = ((y/240)^2)(w)

= 2yw/240^2 + 0 + y^2/240^2

but final answer is....

= 2yw/240^2

So, is the question asking for partial derivative or first derivative? I think partial because the final answer only took the derivative with respect to y.

  • Is this f'(x) or partial derivative? -

    If VC(y)=((y/240)^2)(w)
    then VC is not dependent on w, so if you differentiate as a product, the term containing dw/dy drops out (because dw/dy=0), giving you the correct answer.

    If w is a function of y, namely w=w(y), then the term dw/dy should be kept:
    d(VC)/dy = 2yw/240^2 + y^2/240^2*(dw/dy)

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