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Why would hydrogen bonding not occur between benzophenone and water? or would it and why?
Why does benzophenone and methyl alcohol H bond? And benzophenone and hexane don't? Why is there potential for H bonding between malonic acid and water and malonic acid and methyl alcohol? and no H bond between hexane and malonic acid?
I know H bonds occur when H is bonded to N, O, or F but I don't know the circumstances of each of the above cases?

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    Malonic acid has the -COOH group which is the O you are looking for. Water has the HOH and methyl alcohol has the CH3CH2OH. So all have that magic O atom to provide the negative charge. Hexane is a straight chain hydrocarbon. The H atoms on CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3 are covalently bound and not charged; therefore, there is nothing to form a H bond with when in methyl alcohol. Of course the methyl alcohol can form H bonds with itself but that is the only possibility when mixed with hexane.

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