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French please help

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conjugate the following verbs;

jouer-to play


manger-to eat

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    For present indicative of regular verbs of the first group ending in -er, the endings are
    je -e
    tu -es
    il,elle,on -e
    nous -ons
    vous -ez
    ils -ent

    For example (as in the Bescherelle)
    tu aimes
    il,elle,on aime
    nous aimons
    vous aimez
    ils aiment

    So separate the infinitive of jouer into jou-er and conjugate accordingly.

    You can do the same for manger, except that for the first person plural (nous), we need to write mangeons to soften the "g" and not write "mangons".

    If you need a check, post what you've done.

  • French please help -

    thanks again

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    Je vous en prie!

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