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Homework Help: Intro to Psychiology 1

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 1:04pm.

Tabitha is 18 yrs old and from a small and friendly Alabama town where people wave to each other and will stop to help someone in need. She has a scholarship to study medicine in Florida, and her parnets are driving her to school. Passing through Miami, they see a woman standing next to a car that seems to have run out of gas. They are appalled at the number of cars that have rushed by without stopping. When the woman waves at Tabatha's family, they stop to help her. Their car gets hijacked, and they are left on the side of the road without their belongings. Their decision to stop is an example of:

A) Cultural sensory deprivation

B) Lack of critical period formation

C) Sensory overload

D) A perceptual set.

I'm debating between (A) and (D) but more so (D) because perceptual set - tendency to perceive what you expect where as (A) Cultural Sensory Deprivation - directing our attn to what to notice or ignore.

What do you think?

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