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This is about my cousin that is looking for a job and her previous jobs were cashier and sale clerk. I know she is a perfect match for the job that is opening where i work for a boss's assistant and i have to persuade my cousing to apply for the job, although she doesn't think she is capable.

Any luck finding a job yet? Consequently, that's why I'm e-mailing you. I just heard my company; ABC Enterprise is posting a Boss's Assistant position. I beleive you would be a perfect match for the position. By the waay, I know for a fact, that my boss is looking for a person with customer service and a retail background. Your personality is always positive; you know how to respond to customers, a real people person. I know you are a well organize, self-motivated person. You also have a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to get things done properly, along with being a reliable team player. You demonstrated all the above qualificiations last year, when you held the huge benefit for your girlfriend. You put alot of hard work and took on a big responsibility to organize this benefit. This turned out to be a huge success because of you. Honestly my boss could use a person like you. I think this position is a great opportunity for you to use your skills and begin a new career that will benefit you personally and professionally. Call me tonight.

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    This is much better than your other paragraph. Your content is very good. However, you need to run it through a spell check to correct the typos and misspelled words.

    Copy and paste it into your word processsing program or use this site.

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