April 2, 2015

Homework Help: French #2 Again

Posted by Larry on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 3:30am.

Last Saturday different people did different things. Explain what each one did by completing the sentences with the appropriate "passé composé" forms of the verbs in the list. Be logical.


1. Ma cousine (a nettoyé) sa chambre.

2. Nous (avons assisté) à un match de foot.

3. Les touristes (ont visité) le musée d'Art Moderne.

4. Pierre et Sébastien (ont lavé) leur voiture.

5. (J'ai rencontré) mes copains au café.

6. Tu (.....) ta chambre.

7. vous (avez travaillé) dans le jardin.

8. Catherine (.....) des vetements au centre commercial.

I can't get #6 and #8. I might have put some in the wrong spots. Please help me.

@SraJMcGin, it is true the instructions are vague. But if it did mean use each term once, is there a way to use all the terms and that they make sense? If not, your previous suggestions are fine.

PS. what does recontrer mean? Couldn't I use that one with #8?

Merci Beaucoup

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